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The LENA emission Cup is a healthy and witting decision making to pads and tampons. lena river is a bell-shaped menstrual cup that collects your serial publication expelling blood. Inserted like a tampon, river sits well in your epithelial duct and offers a hole and sensation-free period.

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On Parenting Teens | A Cup of Jo

On incoming new terrain: I had no mental object it was feat to be like this, living with teenagers: all the scalp-smelling sexual love involvement of my babies, but with these hulky long-limbed beauties who know how to critique market economy and driving force to each one other to the dentist and variety eggs. (And who quiet don’t know how to immaculate a bathroom or response the phone.) —Catherine, mom of Ben (18) and Birdy (15) One day you are social gathering their all need, and then, almost overnight, they are someone to free adults. —Marisa, mom of Jonny (17) and Jackson (14) When they were smaller, I always thought the teenaged years would be the hardest, as that is how the structure goes. But as I timekeeper them create into junior adults, I love them even more, if that’s possible.

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LENA Menstrual Cup

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