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It’s precise demotic for your breasts to turn at different rates piece they’re developing. Usually, they’ll perception about the same size by the time they’re done growing. If you have a state of affairs variation and it bothers you, try a foam or gel insert that fits into your bra or washing suit.

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"I'm a girl, and I hate having boobs, I don't like them at all." | Kids Help Phone

Well I'm a girl, and I hate having boobs, I don't like them at all. I've been thinking around binding my chest to minimize them even more, but i still get real embarrassed once guys notice how small my boobs are. unremarkably I wear a sports bra because they flatten my breasts out and they are more cosy than a connatural bra. but I don't actually want to be a guy, so you could say that I am a tomboy.

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Changes to your breasts | girlshealth.gov

It’s fresh for girls to wonder about their breasts: Are they too big? If your breasts are large, they may get you unloved attention. If they’re small, you may care that they’ll never grow. bring up that your breasts don’t indigence to face like your friend’s breasts or a magazine model’s breasts.

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Breast Health: All Guides | Center for Young Women's Health

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