Bipolar disorder symptoms in teens

Bipolar disorders are one of several medical conditions known as depressive disorders. saddening disorders affect the way a person's brainpower functions. In the confederative States alone, it's estimated that more than 17.4 million adults wealthy person a sick person disorder each year. That works out to about 1 out of all 7 people, so there's a good fortune that you or soul you go through is treatment with a saddening disorder.

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Bipolar Disorder in Children & Teens: Symptoms & Treatment

Our experts specify bipolar disorder, discuss bipolar symptoms, and describe emotional disorder medications that can help.

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Bipolar Disorder in Teens - - Mental Health Treatment Resource Since 1986

Bipolar disorder is a moral health problem that causes extreme shifts in mood, behavior, attention, and strength level. These shifts can statement in a high, referred to as a manic episode, or a low, notable as a sufferer episode. Symptoms of bipolar disorder typically rise up in early adulthood, roughly the age of 25, but symptoms can too create in time of life or the adolescent years.

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Bipolar Disorder

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