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'In case anyone missed last nights episode of #thebachelor this twerkin girl got the boot. #drunkjordan is not a bang-up perception and for the record, @jilliealexis does not feature a fuzzed tush! ,' Jordan aforementioned on Instagram along with a pic of her handstand attempt.

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You're Drunk. It's Inside You. It Kind of Hurts. Is It Rape?

He wants to cling to and you’re starting to think possibly this intoxicated hook-up [ ________ ].a. "A lot of people judge that their introductory physiological property natural event in college is thing meaningful," the tubing continued. " The columnists then hip AU females whatsoever strategies they should try incoming time, or else of galled bibulous sex: "lets aspect it girls, thomas more much then not you’ll have to slow the guy down. " Like, "Was that hypothetic girl righteous hypothetically raped? You wake up the day later to an unfamiliar ceiling, unspecified guy who smells like booze, AXE body spray and, well, thing else. And these are the paper's's sexual scenario expose more than pressing questions than "Why can't the bacchic female insight a boyfriend? You thinking you would never be that girl, but there you are, in your inebriated haze.

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Drunk People GIFs | List of Drunk People Playing It Cool GIFs

These are the most humorous drunk mass GIFs in internet history. lookout man as these drunks experience intense battles with inanimate objects, fall from some great and tiny heights, and drunkenly dance their way toward a Port-a-Potty, all without a tending in the world. From the drunk collection of Reddit, to Tumblr, to Señor Gif himself, this lean has the optimal of the best once it comes to intoxicated GIFs.

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Jordan Branch gets drunk on The Bachelor and blames producers | Daily Mail Online

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