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Puerto Princesa, the archipelago - Angela was fair 14 the first-year time she got pregnant. Her fellow was 19, and it was her first sexy experience. But he aforesaid he would yield responsibility and that he loved me," she says. Her first pregnancy finished in miscarriage, but Angela is now a mother of four. She's one of hundreds of thousands of girls in the country who gave kick off once they were just teenagers.

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Boys & Girls (Ft. Pia Mia) | MTV UK

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10 great British teen romance films | BFI

Those heady, secretion life of being early and in love have well-tried to be fertile territorial dominion for British cinema, with many classic films immersion on the turbulent romances of adolescents from all walks of life. subsequently the teenager became a culturally significant statistic in the 50s and the British New Wave began effective direct stories of temporary class life, the british films double-geared towards or around the country’s youth, and their increasingly risque love lives, began to happen onscreen. more of these films dealt in the frequently harsh realities of young love: the disappointments, heartbreaks, marital status discord, unplanned pregnancies and tragedies that rough wishful hearts and unreal futures. It’s a tough learning line for besotted adolescents, vulnerable souls and pliant minds, as giddying highs are counter-balanced with showing emotion exhausting lows.

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Young, poor and pregnant: Teen mums in the Philippines | Maternal health | Al Jazeera

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