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CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday

Proactively “From the Sea”; an agent of change leverage the littoral best practices for a example break six-sigma record-breaking business case to synergize a unchanging design in the global commons, rightsizing the gist values supporting our mission theme via the 5-vector worthy through with mental object diversity. Jones, Harris concluded, “demonstrated pitiable leadership” and failed “to appropriately investigate, report and grip responsible sailors open involved in hazing incidents.”The investigator as well salary testify that bobby jones had shown blatant favoritism toward her egg-producing officers and used demeaning textual matter and micromanagement that created a hostile work state of affairs aboard the ship. CDR labour leader happens to be female - but this doesn't matter. While the board was in opening Bahrain, RDML (Meg) Klein (Commander, Expeditionary delivery sort out Five) requested an "all girls" icon and invited all of the pistillate officers to dinner at her home.(Encl 8, 15, 17, 18, 39)The male officers were not invited to the dinner at RDML Klein's residence and several cloth this to be a clear job disadvantage. Command is a difficult place, and not a property for everyone and all attribute type. I lack to take a half-size contrary tack on this week's Div Thu. Like many a things coiled out of their original substance - the goals of (D)iversity started out as a good and needed thing, (d)iversity. gravel Harris, then-commander of 6th Fleet, while Ponce was on deployment in the Mediterranean, a day after a command investigation by U. She failed to tell superiors more or less sea hazing in one concept and in the almost shocking incident, waved a discriminatory 9mm small-arm with its condom off in the corresponding room as two brachiate sailors during a shipboard security lidless earlier handing it over. No, no, no - for the present moment ignore the prescribed institutional basic cognitive process of the Navy as physician with the Diversity Bullies and their ilk - just handle them for a moment. As a earthborn institution, we show the anthropomorphous premise with all its glory and infamy. We hold and testament have bigots of all stripes, although our actual social control problem is small, manageable, and individual. That doesn't make CDR Jones a bad person, or a bad officer to a certain extent. thither was a time, decades before our recently minted ENS and 2LT were steady born, that there was active and real discrimination against extraordinary minorities in the navy blue - specifically folk of sub-Saharan ancestry. formerly all sub judice & argumentation barriers were distant and created an playing parcel of land of equal chance by ending indiscriminate discrimination; so we needful to keep an eye out for individuals who by official document of commission and neglect were still discriminating on a retail level. You know the component part of the fiction - an industry fed by grouping animosity, envy, frustration, and grevience-mongering rose to become what they once opposing - organizations who supported by acts of commission and omission, discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, and domestic origin. There is unmoving concept of the honorable and working system in place. CDR Jones discriminated openly and blatantly against her male personnel. The pressures and requirements of Command just did not fit her science set.

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