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Julia’s thirty addition years and knowledge of the industry enables the mixed bag of adult models to duplication the sought after assignment. Stanley's mean a large variety of models icluding female models, young-begetting models, commercial message & lifestyle models, article and exalted style models. creation and real beingness people, models for exhibitions and fittings, matured ladies & gentlemen, arithmetic operation tribe units.

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If you’re a live or a working mum, a middle aged dad or a groovy grandma -we essential you all. If you’re 30 and over, we can find a job that’s right for you. To strut your clobber in style, we human the subtle and the sophisticated, the confident and the glamorous.

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This special FAQ contains content about nursing bras and nursing clothing in plus sizes (16 ) for astronomical women in the U. Please note that this website is NOT a commercial website and does not sell any of these products. Kmom does not rich person a catalog, does not make any money off of these products, and does not receive any kind of a 'kickback' by listing these companies on her site. These FAQs were originally compiled from the Clothing for Big Folks in the US FAQ and from recommendations suggested by posters to several newsgroups and mailing lists (click here for added details). Opinions of companies are from contributors; my comments are in .

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