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In art, females are well the most used subjects and muses of great painters. At buy in Art we attempt a wide miscellanea of paintings of women. These pieces are carefully replicated by professional artists to look exactly like the originals.

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Egon Schiele: The man who loved women | The Independent

Even today, a century after they were produced, Egon Schiele's drawings feature the power to shock. A watercolour and pencil self-portrait, called Eros, sketched once he was equitable 21, has the young man grasping his straight member – once more highlighted in red – in one hired hand and inform to its tip with the other. In female person in Red Garters, done when the young Austrian artist was scarce 23, the woman in question raises her petticoat to discover her chockful pudenda. Which would be just plain adolescent if it weren't for the sorrowful and thwarted way in which the assemblage and coping with are presented. But his portraits of himself are equally direct and evenhanded as intrusive.

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New Show Challenges Our Perception of Egon Schiele | artnet News

In conservative, cultured Vienna, in the assemblage ahead the 100th anniversary of Egon Schiele’s death, the enthusiasm and genuine affection for this artist is at an all-time high. A new collection sacred to his oeuvre round-eyed at the Albertina deposit last week, creating from raw materials a new light on the artist’s legacy. The Schiele we think we know is the cover boy of teenage angst; an archetype of punk, with high-pitched coloured pilus crowning a skinny frame.

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Famous Paintings Of Women - Canvas Art & Reproduction Oil Paintings

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