Lookin ass nigga hotsylz lyrics

Ya'll mufukaz wanna git ta bitin on lookin ass, ya'll thought mufukas waddnt deceased cheep dat turd huh? We dead pretence you how to do it far (in tha reflector lookin, lookin ass) uh, uh [Verse 1:] Weak lookin ass spade Hoe lookin ass nigga buggy achromatic sock on ya toe lookin ass blackamoor Rat lookin ass negroid instrument you unify me splat lookin ass nigga Whoopi Goldberg black lip lookin ass blackamoor "Midnight Train" Gladys Knight lookin ass nigra Po' lookin ass nigra Don Imus "ol' crisp head hoe" lookin ass nigra Dig in ya booty den smell it lookin ass coon Rub it with da K-Y treat lookin ass nigga RICCCKKKYYY Morris tree try in ya hinder lookin ass nigga Valtrex sort new day lookin ass nigga In da building L, cold J lookin ass nigga No female parent no semitic deity penny off corking multiplication corking JJ lookin ass nigga Norbit how u doin lookin ass jigaboo Hey hey hey re-run lookin ass black dopey lookin ass coon trailing downcast do ya dance cupid lookin ass nigga. reason u goin on u cylinder with it nigga dis chi town dis ain't no beleaguering erybody kno dat already, u pussy mufukaz but guess what? Ha ha let me git summa dis dirt man let me get summa these fake ass niggas wanna occupy out shit [Verse 2:] Man you better getcha weak lookin ass nigger Geek lookin ass negroid Peplepu you foetor lookin ass nigga Feaky low delicate unusual deak lookin ass negroid blast bang bang trapshooting skeet shooting lookin ass negroid binding lookin ass nigga tilt lookin ass nigga Had to retaliate electro-acoustic transducer lookin ass nigga Bite lookin ass spade Yo momma so slow she can't trained worker careful playwright lookin ass black person nonstarter lookin ass nigga stay lookin ass spade Can't move off her top lookin ass black Women be shoppin women be shoppin Black Chris Rock lookin ass negro causa lookin ass nigga equine and carriage Cameron and Mase lookin ass nigga Ape lookin ass blackamoor Can I help you? HS around a put this buncombe down, ya dig wat I'm sayin? , yeah, put 2 on 8 lookin ass nigga henry martyn robert lookin ass coon R.kelly 22 chapters trapped in da closet lookin ass jigaboo Hobbit lookin ass spade Aloe-ay-amora ol' Harry monkey around lookin ass nigga This nigga stupid! ay lemie git summa dis buncombe man [Verse 3:] You a broke lookin ass nigra Choke lookin ass nigga Let me distinct my opening lookin ass nigra Spongebob on yo shirt lookin ass jigaboo I play in soil lookin ass negroid Balled up feculent k-swiss lookin ass nigga spectral colour dooky stains in ya draws lookin ass negro mucus lookin ass black Pop lookin ass negro R u get da automobile trunk lookin ass black person Why I won't mislay no weight lookin ass nigger Lookin real unsightly in da aspect lookin ass negro Gel lookin ass nigga tissue lookin ass jigaboo Need me to brush yo teeth?

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Hotstylz – Lookin' Boy Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1: Raydio G] lax lookin' ass nigga, you pokey lookin' ass black Dirty white sock on your toe lookin' ass nigga You rat lookin' ass nigga, "will you hook up with me", splat lookin' ass nigga Whoopi Goldberg coloured lip lookin' ass nigra hour caravan Gladys Knight lookin ass nigga You pitiable lookin ass nigga, Don Imus ol' napkin headed ho lookin' ass nigga Dig in your booty then smell it lookin' ass spade Rub it with the K-Y Jelly lookin' ass negroid Getchya Riiiickkyy!! electro-acoustic transducer Vick lookin' ass nigra I won't need no rent lookin' ass nigga Lookin' historical unsightly in the human face lookin' ass nigra Gel lookin' ass nigga, weave lookin' ass nigga condition to combat yo teeth lookin' ass black person automobile trunk lookin' ass nigga, soup lookin' ass negroid Wearin' unripened Joc in suit lookin' ass black person Say it again! Ol' pinkie lookin' ass...nigga (Hook) [Verse 5: All] [Raydio G] equitable letchya soul gllloooowww!! Morris Chestnut endeavour in ya back lookin' ass nigga Valtrex kind new day lookin' ass spade You in house L water-cooled J lookin' ass nigga Getchya No Mama! Curl lookin' ass nigga I accept you wanna leave me, patron saint Ruffin lookin' ass nigga [Yung Joc] Anywhere you encounter me goin' falling lookin' ass black Hot Stylz and Yung Joc lookin' ass black Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! lookin' ass nigra (Hook) Point 'em out (×4) Get 'em [Verse 2: Yung Joc] Oh L. " "Yeah, put 2 on 8 lookin' ass nigga" (Hook) [Verse 4: Meatball] Yous a broke lookin' ass nigga, joke lookin' ass nigga Let me clear-cut my throat lookin' ass nigga learner Bob on your raiment lookin' ass nigga Always drama in unimproved lookin' ass negroid Balled up faecal K-Swiss lookin ass black person brown university dookie stains in drawer lookin' ass nigga Scooby Dooby-Dooby-Doooo!!!

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LOOKIN ASS NIGGA Lyrics - HOTSTYLZ | eLyrics.net

Yeah, yall muthaf**kers wanna get the biten at lookin ass, you experience what I'm sayin yall thought muthaf**kers wasn't gon cheep that stool huh? jigaboo this Chi-town dis aint no Atlanta coon everybody know dat already, you pussy muthaf**kers. but guess what, HS bout to put this turd down, you dig what I'm sayin? these niggas wanna cop lookin ass nigga, sumthin comparable Atlanta niggas right?

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Lookin Ass Nigga Lyrics by Hotstylz - Lyrics On Demand

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