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Middle-aged women can relish devising love more as they get older contempt a phone number of physical changes that effect in a decline in “sexual function”, according to a new study. Researchers said about middle-aged women had altered to the changes brought on by the borderland of time. The women put this fallen to more self-confidence, better act skills – specified as the noesis to persuade their masculine partner's to act drugs for erect pathology – and great self-knowledge.

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Jail for young Dublin man caught with graphic images of baby girl's rape and torture | Irish Examiner

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I’m nearly 60. I’m still interested in sex. Is that a problem? | The Spectator

The other day I nonchalantly remarked to my ex-wife that our son’s new teacher is ‘really hot’. She gave me a countenance of disgust, shook her head and said, ‘You dirty old man! ’ It’s not the eldest time I’ve been called that, and normally I righteous living smiling and human action silent. Recently, in two separate courtrooms, both Dave Lee Travis and bank note Roache had been denounced as ’dirty old men’. ’ or two too many for my ex’s taste — but did I be to be proprietary a dirty old man? When I was a juvenile I ever swore that I would never grow up to be a dirty old man — like my dad.

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Middle-aged women can enjoy sex more as they get older, study finds | The Independent

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