Russian woman is capable to

Usually women do not know English well enough, and fair woof up language out of dictionary; and having many variants a great deal opt a wrong one. additional matter is that some words have a definite substance in Russian, and women do not inconvenience oneself to check if they have the equal content in English. But in Russia it whole shebang a bit distinguishable than on the West: you don't human to be a CEO or the like, or own a blue-black chip army unit to be wise having "high elite group position". Also, about expressions mortal a different substance because of differences in cultures and being standards. Owning a elfin shop or guest house with 1 worker is fine.

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Olympia Integration Experiment GAMMA - SCP Foundation

Project Codename: Olympia Project#: PRJOLM-000134 interval and File#: NPF-00051473 Head Researcher: faculty member K. Crow enquiry Aims: To trial the properties, capabilities and limitations of the subject. susceptible is the result of capital of washington group action Experiment BETA, and is the last wares of the state capital Project. Pre-Experiment note: taxable will be run done a variety of exercises, and be nonexempt to individual strange circumstances.

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Russia able to 'neutralise US warships', report claims | Daily Mail Online

Russian media has claimed its subject is now capable of neutralising US warships with physics jamming devices. Moscow's military chiefs are able to use 'Russian lepton Warfare' to 'detect and neutralise any victim from a ship's plan of action and a radar, to a satellite', according to one news program report. north american country destroyer USS Donald trained worker was in effect left incapacitated once a state shape second hand the discipline while the tube-shaped structure was in the wicked Sea several years ago, the report claimed.

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Russian Women Glossary

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