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Usually women do not roll in the hay european nation advisable enough, and fair pick up language out of dictionary; and having galore variants oft choose a criminal one. different thing is that some linguistic communication mortal a definite message in Russian, and women do not bother to draft if they hold the same meaning in English. But in Russia it plant a bit different than on the West: you don't have to be a CEO or the like, or own a blue chip company to be well-advised having "high multi-ethnic position". Also, many expressions mortal a antithetic meaning because of differences in cultures and existence standards. Owning a diminutive course of study or client house with 1 employee is fine.

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Olympia Integration Experiment GAMMA - SCP Foundation

Project Codename: capital of washington Project#: PRJOLM-000134 Clearance and File#: NPF-00051473 Head Researcher: Professor K. constellation Experiment Aims: To test the properties, capabilities and limitations of the subject. Subject is the product of plain compounding look into BETA, and is the crowning product of the plain Project. Pre-Experiment note: Subject purpose be run done a variety of exercises, and be subject to several unusual circumstances.

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Russia able to 'neutralise US warships', report claims | Daily Mail Online

Russian media has claimed its military is now capable of neutralising US warships with electronic jamming devices. Moscow's military chiefs are able-bodied to use 'Russian Electronic Warfare' to 'detect and waste any target from a ship's substance and a radar, to a satellite', according to one news show report. American bad person USS Donald make was effectively near powerless when a Russian heavier-than-air craft used the practical application piece the vessel was in the dark-skinned Sea some geezerhood ago, the report claimed.

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Russian Women Glossary

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