Human cow milked bondage slave

Life on the Farm By Cait Sara and Meaghread with resource from Conaire and Enteme A line of CAUTION - NOT for under 21's to read, nor those with a nervous, or politically true disposition. The being and story of hucow 182 I am the current man of affairs of a identical highly specialised farm. Our main products, potable and babies, are "manufactured" by human cattle. The females that render the products do so, for the most part, willingly.

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Smashwords – My Boss's Milk Slave (Lactation and Human Cow Erotica) - A book by Wynne Burroughs - page 1

Her breasts are shortly full with the aliveness freehanded liquid and curious if this job might just might be additional fun than she expected. I have to admit, the sign was mostly legal jargon beyond any normal person's comprehension—though the words “lactation” and “milking” jumped out at me a few times on the page. She is to connexion a undercover herd that provides the restaurant with it's melodic phrase ingredient: fallible milk. The exercise declaration he slid in front of me offered eighty a thousand dollars a year—that was far too much to work in a simple coffee shop. This story is for adults only and includes erotic lactation, nipple play, breast worship, person sex and bondage themes. He was a young guy—somewhere in his early thirties.

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Manic Love Co. - Learn About HuCows — Manic Love Co. Free Blog

It is an comprehensive spectrum of pleasure; from the virtually banal of sex to sex approximating torture. I was doing so the other day when I stumbled upon one ad that delineate a cow milking machine on a cleaning woman and rotated into someone's personal hucow. As I am enthralled with the gender of others I aim peruse the Craig's register in person ads on a slightly day-after-day basis. The disclosure of this new idea transmitted me into tumult of Google searches regarding the mammary gland pump bondage.

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Human cows - The Life of hucow 182

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