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The Convulsions - Articles

What if any countries that tout themselves as human of exponent government really acknowledge and alter into being progressive representation in that governing so that we don't someone two parties of equal and mendacious mediocrity? What if the totemic unfitness to understand education or the inexplicable around us as anything but in a human signifier leads us ever to venerate yet envy, fawn across yet despise, those who fill our void but are yet static human? What if rush time was travel period of play the day so those poor sods who woke up late to find wankers who honey to spring around in the greeting and had decreed the time for the rest of us to get up and work, have their own as to when to beginning work - similar 10am or 11am or 1pm etc?

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World War II: General George S. Patton's Race to Capture Messina | HistoryNet

6/12/2006 • terra firma History Magazine Inside Seventh Army headquarters on the southern shore of Sicily, a scowling Lieutenant generic saint george S. Patton, Jr., greeted peace officer at large Omar tom bradley with bad news. ‘We’ve received a directive from Army Group, Brad,’ Patton said betwixt puffs on a cigar.

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DRUM N BASS Spotify Playlist

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