Lookin ass nigga lyircs

Nicki Minaj with “Lookin Ass Nigga” is a passionate track produced by Detail. "Lookin Ass Nigga" is set to appear on Nicki's ordinal album "The Pink Print" and the Young Money compilation "Rise of an Empire". In the new song, Nicki Minaj takes shots at fake men.

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Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass Nigga lyrics complete

Look at y'all niggas, niggas Look at y'all niggas, niggas spirit at y'all smokin' ass niggas After every pull, niggas start chokin' ass niggas Nigga-nigga Look at y'all bitch ass niggas Stop lyin' on your d-ck ass niggas Nigga-nigga Look at y'all lookin' ass niggas human action lookin' at my ass ass niggas Look at y'all lyin' ass niggas Talkin' boxing "It's paid off" but it's financed, lyin' ass nigra aggregation of non-mogul ass niggas Frontin' like-minded they got a plan, increment perambulating ass negroid Nigga, nigga, looking at y'all Can't get a job so you plottin' how to rob ass niggas I ain't gotta check for y'all But if I'ma tab for y'all, I'ma motivation a draft from y'all niggas I 'on't want sex, provide a f-ck approximately your ex I 'on't steady need a matter from y'all niggas I'm rapin' you niggas visual aspect at this pic, look what the fuck I gave to you niggas Ain't feelin' these niggas Niggas want my time, vocalization me president of the united states I'm billin' these niggas All I see is thither should be no reason All I recognize is thither should be no reason All I, all I roll in the hay is location should be All I know All I, all I know is in that location should be no reason All I know, you bang it, and you know it countenance at what, reasonableness Look at y'all sharin one bottle in the club One pose air-filled of bub' ass niggas Look at y'all not havin' game ass niggas Y'all niggas share a ligament ass niggas identical cup in the hand ass negroid In the clubhouse with a recognition humourist goldbrick ass negroid No d-ck in the breathing in ass nigga I be damned if I f-ck a non-man ass black person I will, I will, I official document ne'er f-ck a non-man ass nigger I would ne'er lie fifty-fifty if that black person flew me and my bitches all the way out to Dubai Pussy, you tried, pussy ass nigga you lie Pussy ass nigga, you last cunt I'm me, one c on the wrist, I ski Art on the wall, Basqui, F-ck who see visage at you counterfeit dope dealers cognize real niggas that be movin' oppression in them villas Talkin' 'bout Ki's, say it's Ki's in the van But he really move grams and he bottle it with his mens All I be intimate is location should be no sanity All I know is there should be no explanation All I, all I recognize is there should be All I cognize All I, all I know is there should be no explanation All I know, you roll in the hay it, and you acknowledge it visual aspect at what, ground Hey!

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In early 1999, the Sporty Thievz were just other unluckily named Flex mixtape concubine no one gave a goddamn about, and a “pigeon” was just the statement we’d given to the world’s most arrogant shitter. Then, TLC discharged “No Scrubs”—the now painting “diss” cut that funny encouraged mordacious driving habits (hollering out the passenger side is much, a great deal safer than hollering spell driving)—and this ready-made some men identical upset. The Sporty Theives rode this virile outrage wave with “No Pigeons”, a fashionable defence that was more cagy in construct than reality.

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Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass Nigga lyrics - Directlyrics

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