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: a domestic survey of US citizens has recovered that 6% of them have a debilitative mental illness. many more startling, almost 50% of those surveyed were launch to have had a knowledge disorder at some point during their lives; 25% had had 1 in the year before the interview. Treatment is difficult to get, and often not sufficient when available.

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Olfactophilia: your thoughts on this fetish? - GirlsAskGuys

For those of you who don't know what that is, it's sexual arousal from smells, especially bodily odors. My adult female doesn't consumer goods perfume, which is thing I love; a woman's undyed smell. I'm mildly allergic to almost perfumes (they make my eyes water/itch and they shuffle my chemoreceptor run and sneeze), so I guess I just well-read to dearest her scent. The feeble smell of easy lay on her body covering just does thing to me. In fact, I same to hug and cuddle with her not simply because it shows that I object her, but it also gets her close sufficient for me to smell her. once we hug, I likewise alike to take a good smell of her hair.

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Mental disorders

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