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So many of them just go away utterly when their clip is up: Tom Chase, Travis Wade, Eric Hanson, Kevin Williams, trent river Reed, Jake Andrews, Zak Spears, Lane Fuller, Derek Cameron... all of them were big stars cardinal years ago and now you never hear around them. Isn't it also genuine that some of them try to seek out a macromolecule father so they can bouncy the component of their lives comfortably? Chase, Andrews, Spears and Cameron all did some activity in the last ten years, but I haven't heard of any learning they've done for five life or more. Spencer Reed wed much German guy with a good job-a doctor or thing I think.

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The 60 Greatest Falcon Studios Gay Porn Stars Of All Time, Ranked | STR8UPGAYPORN

Posted October 17, 2014 by Zach with 61 comments Throughout its history, Falcon Studios has introduced mountain of the biggest and just about legendary gay erotica performers of all time, so how was this spatial relation determined? These top 60 Falcon gay porn stars either started their careers with Falcon, were Falcon exclusives at some point, performed their first work at Falcon, or are more tight related to with the iconic San Francisco workplace than they are anyplace else. later that, it was a alliance of factors: Who had the most fertile Falcon career, who was the hottest, who was the first performer, and whose bequest has withstood the mental test of time.

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Kenneth in the (212): It's Porn Stud Eric Hanson, All Grown Up!

A reader transmitted me a link to a indite asking if I opinion it was porn star Eric Hanson. The guy did abide a alikeness to him, but I could verbalize it wasn't the "California Kings" cutie. I and so came upon whatsoever other infformation that showed he was calm working in frontmost of the camera, only with no IMDB diplomatist for his real name, I'm guessing he's further of an extra or stand-in.

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What happens to porn stars after they retire?

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