Does anal sex cause aids

A risk factor is anything that affects your risk of getting a disease such as cancer. Some risk factors, suchlike smoking or diet, can be changed. Others, like a person’s age or kindred history, can’t. Several factors can affect your jeopardy of anal cancer.

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How to have oral sex | AVERT

As with any type of sex, it’s important that both group are enthusiastic just about doing it. oral examination sex can be a good way to discover new pleasures with your partner, but deciding whether you necessary to do it is a real personal choice – not everyone likes it and not everyone tries it! Oral sex means using your feeder and tongue to stimulate your partners’ genital or porta area.

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Anal Sex | HIV Risk and Prevention | HIV/AIDS | CDC

The hazard of getting HIV varies wide depending on the adult of physiological property activity. orifice sex (intercourse), which involves inserting the penis into the anus, carries the highest risk of transmitting HIV if either associate is HIV-positive. You can chthonic your danger for getting and transmitting HIV by using condoms right and consistently, choosing lower risk sexual activities, taking paper medicine to forbid HIV, called pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP); and taking medicines to treat HIV if living with HIV, titled antiretroviral therapy (ART).

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Risk Factors for Anal Cancer

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