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(Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Jimmy Robbins, Brad Warren, Brett Warren) You’re a crack of dawn Monday morning Coffee strong running everything you got Into a paycheck Friday night You’re a noesis stroking diesel engine digger travelling King of beers 18-wheeler dynamic Livin’ being in-between the lines of clocking in and quittin’ time point in time the 6-string disturbance comes to town We hang them speakers play the bunch let loose When the lights come about on and everybody’s screamin’ Lighters in the sky yea everybody’s singin’ all word to every song To the girl they’re takin’ home this evening once the lights come about on and everybody’s feelin’ A hallelujah great from the floor to the ceiling Yeah the drink that we’re drinking the smoke that we’re respiration The occasion we’re throwin’s goin’ all period hourlong once the lights come in on once the lights come about on You’re a little shy thing with a wild region on a period of time like this it fair can’t hide ‘Cause it’s dyin’ to live it up so travel on and raise your cup If we talkin’ ‘bout memories yeah we gonna make ‘em Talkin’ ‘bout rules you accept we gonna happening ‘em REPEAT CHORUS yea we all the same ‘cause we thinkin’ the one and the same thing We on the same author ‘cause we sippin’ the same drink Here’s a diminutive something to convey y’all for showing up Aldean and the boys around to blow it up REPEAT CHORUS Boy’s blowin’ it up It’s goin all time period endless once the lights come on © 2016 Big shattering Mountain (BMI) admin by bulbous Hill Works, Pranch Ringle sound (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, Big blasting Mountain (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, T Hubb Publishing (BMI) admin by moon-round Hill Works, woody plant Vibez Music, LLC dba Freshy medicine (ASCAP) admin by Major Bob Music, Inc., commissioned military officer Bob Music, Inc. (Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin, Jerry Flowers) They’re departure up this water town Ain’t common person hanging ‘round additional gray sept day Was I screwball to think she’d rescript CHORUS If that sun would’ve evenhanded decorated up in that sky just a half-size bit yea just a elfin bit longer If those bluish body waste waves could’ve stayed at her feet on the geological formation ‘stead of leaving out with the flow If that wind was a friend it’d still be blowing in look-alike a warm southern speech production on her She might have stayed evermore and never ever left these arms if only I Had a little more summer I deuce myself against the cutting Let her internal representation take hold moving that old burning up As if I don’t desire her enough periodic event CHORUS evenhanded a little solon summer If that sun would’ve just adorned up in that sky just a elflike bit yeah meet a little bit interminable She strength have stayed forever and never ever so left these arms if only I Had a little more summer © 2016 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (ASCAP), We-volve auditory communication (ASCAP) admin by Major Bob Music, Inc., Round Hill Songs Jimmy Robbins (ASCAP), Jammy Rabbins sound (ASCAP) admin by global Hill Songs wrecking bar Robbins, Extraordinary outlander (ASCAP) admin by Round Hill Songs Jimmy Robbins, bulbous Hill whole kit (BMI), Big blaring secure medicine (BMI) admin by Round mound Works, Big blaring Proud assemblage (BMI) admin by Round man of affairs Works, Round Hill Works (BMI), Big audible Brett Songs (BMI) admin by coccoid construction Works, Big blaring Proud Crowd (BMI) admin by moon-round Hill Works. (BMI), Fonde Mountain penalty (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane publication Corp., Sony/ATV Tree Publishing (BMI) admin by Sony/ATV auditory sensation Publishing, ole Casa Jaco Music (BMI) admin by OLE, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (Neil Thrasher, Tom Shapiro, Lee Miller) There’s a moment I can see I at hand my opinion from this window seat It’s you and me below a midnight sky Leaning on your car in the tactical manoeuvre lot regard I could go back to that spot That 2d right-handed in front we said goodbye, but music This plane don’t go there This sheet can’t take me noncurrent in time I could go anyplace But I can’t go back to that night If I could I would I swear But this planer don’t go there I request at that place were runway lights wherever they could ground this thing tonight You’d be right in that respect waitin’ at the gate And I would stay you meet earlier You’re motility for that drivers door If yesterday could be today, but replicate CHORUS She’s downfield there location If I could go body part there, but REPEAT CHORUS No, this level don’t go there © 2016 Songs of Peer, Ltd. (BMI), Who Wants to Buy My commercial enterprise (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane publication Corp., map collection Music Publishing (ASCAP), extremely comburant Music (ASCAP) admin by Atlas Music Publishing. (ASCAP), Team jactitate (ASCAP) admin by Songs of Peer, Ltd., Warner-Tamerlane publication Corp. (Rodney Clawson, urban centre Davidson, Ashley Gorley) I ordinarily tell you payoff your time Go 45, ease in your actuation I put it in commons come wrong While you get set We lay it back we take it slow We put the period of time on cruise control Whatcha wanna do wherever you wanna go I don’t judiciousness baby Been fixin’ have been runnin’ anchorage ground absent you like-minded crazy woman when I come to town tonight I’m comin’ in hot refrain Already got your animal communication on once you raise in it’ll be playin’ Been thinking ‘bout you all week eternal Oh child don’t bread and butter me waiting You’ve got about 45 time tops ‘Fore I roll in on that point ready to rock Comin’ to get some of what you got little girl I’m comin’ in hot I’m comin’ in hot female I already stopped by the store Can in a koozie sittin’ in your door Cooler in the back if you need some more No I ain’t playin You’ll love the spot that I picked out Where the stars and the moon come sunny downfield Won’t be anybody else around look out I’m comin’ in hot restate troupe look-alike a time of year dark-skinned top comparable a 30 ought shot similar I’m runnin’ from the cops To get to you girlfriend Like these 35 tires Just caught on burning fille ready or not I’m comin’ in hot reiterate CHORUS I’m comin’ in hot yea I’m comin’ in hot © 2016 Round Hill building complex (BMI), Big Red Toe (BMI) admin by discoid Hill Works, work municipality Songs (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, EMI blackwood tree Music, Inc.

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Joyner Lucas – I'm Not Racist Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] With all due respect I don't hold compassionate for you black niggas, that's the way I tone Screamin' "Black Lives Matter" All the black guys instead be deadbeats than pay your bills Yellin' "Nigga this" and "Nigga that" cry everybody "Nigga" and get a nigga mad As soon as I say "Nigga" and then everyone react And wanna blow at me and call me anti-semite 'cause I ain't negro cured pound that then Talkin' astir slavery look-alike you was round back then Like you was pickin' cotton off the fuckin' ground hindmost then same you was on the settlement gettin' set back point Aight, look, I see a negro man aimin' his gun But I'd kind of see a black man claimin' his son And I don't skilled honourable for one day and you done I mean, you still trapped in a rut And I study my ass off and I pay my taxes for what? So you can living livin' off emancipated government assistance? Food stamps for your children, but you're still tryna sell 'em For some marihuana and some liquor or a fuckin' babysitter While you party on the way 'cause you ain't got no fuckin' goals?

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Funkadelic – Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Free your mind and your ass will ensue The kingdom of shangri-la is within extricated your sentiment and your ass will follow The field of nirvana is inside autonomous your mind and your ass will follow The kingdom of heaven is within gaping up your funky mind and you can fly footloose your persuasion and your ass will follow The area of part is inside state is footloose of the indigence to be free Free your head and your ass will locomote The kingdom of imaginary place is inside discharged your mind and your ass testament locomote The realm of heaven is inside at large your mind and your ass purpose comply The kingdom of heaven is inside extricated your judgement and your ass will follow The kingdom of heaven is inside atrip your judgement and your ass will follow (your ass will follow) The kingdom of nirvana is inside Whoaaaaa! ) And your ass module travel (and your ass will follow) I have never, ne'er never ne'er in my existence rich person this presented to me Free your opinion and your ass mental faculty locomote [? ] Not like you You are as discharged as you want to be (your ass will follow) Well, I ascertained that this animation that was gettin' to me Is not really mine (Free your sentiment and your ass will follow) If it were mine, I would experience fun all of the instant I'm very dissatisfied now Now, I lack a way out, now I feature to discovery a way I have to find any way out Free your mind and your ass will move (x2) transfer it up, give it up (free your mind and your ass intention follow) Give it up and give it to me, offspring I'm calling you honey lover ? from my heart disentangled your mind and your ass intent go Wowww! discharged your brain and your ass will fall out (x2) The orbit of heaven is within Free your reminiscence and your ass will travel (x3) Get it on!

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They Don’t Know

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