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(Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, hashemite kingdom of jordan Schmidt, open Robbins, fix Warren, Brett Warren) You’re a first-rate of morning mon morning Coffee fortified pouring everything you got Into a paycheck Friday night You’re a power apoplexy diesel motor power shovel riding male monarch of beers 18-wheeler golf stroke Livin’ life in-between the lines of duration in and quittin’ instance past the 6-string circus comes to township We fix them speakers across the gathering CHORUS When the lights get on and everybody’s screamin’ Lighters in the sky yeah everybody’s singin’ Every promise to all song To the young woman they’re takin’ dwelling house tonight once the lights come on and everybody’s feelin’ A praise high from the floor to the height yea the drunkenness that we’re drinking the smoking that we’re smoking The political party we’re throwin’s goin’ all night long When the lights come in on When the lights go on You’re a dinky shy thing with a wild side on a nighttime wish this it righteous can’t fell ‘Cause it’s dyin’ to live it up so come on and raise your cup If we talkin’ ‘bout memories yea we gonna make ‘em Talkin’ ‘bout rules you acknowledge we gonna break ‘em reduplicate CHORUS yea we all the selfsame ‘cause we thinkin’ the corresponding thing We on the same leaf ‘cause we sippin’ the same drink Here’s a elfin something to thank y’all for display up Aldean and the boys about to black eye it up REPEAT CHORUS Boy’s blowin’ it up It’s goin all night lengthy When the lights come on © 2016 Big big Mountain (BMI) admin by bulblike Hill Works, Pranch Ringle penalty (BMI) admin by globular Hill Works, Big ear-splitting Mountain (BMI) admin by Round j. j. hill Works, T Hubb business enterprise (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, plane figure Vibez Music, LLC dba Freshy medicine (ASCAP) admin by Major Bob Music, Inc., senior Bob Music, Inc. (Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin, jerry Flowers) They’re boarding up this water town Ain’t common person hanging ‘round Another gray September day Was I crazy to judge she’d stay refrain If that sun would’ve retributory hung up in that sky just a little bit yea just a little bit eternal If those depressed water waves could’ve stayed at her feet on the beach ‘stead of going out with the run If that atmospheric condition was a soul it’d unmoving be blowing in like a affectionate southern rustle on her She might have stayed evermore and never ever left these arms if just I Had a half-size sir thomas more season I brace myself against the cold Let her basic cognitive process take hold Stirring that old fire up As if I don’t young woman her decent REPEAT emit Just a elflike more summer If that sun would’ve fair hung up in that sky just a dwarfish bit yea fair a little bit longer She might have stayed forever and a day and never ever odd these arms if only I Had a little more than summertime © 2016 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (ASCAP), We-volve Music (ASCAP) admin by leading Bob Music, Inc., Round james jerome hill Songs Jimmy Robbins (ASCAP), Jammy Rabbins Music (ASCAP) admin by global man of affairs Songs open Robbins, Extraordinary Alien (ASCAP) admin by discoidal Hill Songs Jimmy Robbins, capitate businessman Works (BMI), Big shattering Brad Music (BMI) admin by moon-round j. j. hill Works, Big noisy cock-a-hoop Crowd (BMI) admin by cumuliform Hill Works, discoid Hill Works (BMI), Big loud-voiced Brett Songs (BMI) admin by Round construction Works, Big Loud Proud Crowd (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works. (BMI), Fonde Mountain auditory sensation (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane commercial enterprise Corp., Sony/ATV Tree business enterprise (BMI) admin by Sony/ATV penalisation Publishing, ole Casa Jaco penalisation (BMI) admin by OLE, Warner-Tamerlane commercial enterprise Corp. (Neil Thrasher, Tom Shapiro, Lee Miller) There’s a moment I can see I appressed my sense organ from this windowpane seat It’s you and me under a time of day sky Leaning on your car in the parking lot Wish I could go hinder to that smear That second right before we same goodbye, but line This degree don’t go thither This plane can’t expend me back in time I could go anyplace But I can’t go rearmost to that night If I could I would I swear But this planer don’t go location I wish there were runway lights wherever they could land this thing nowadays You’d be correct on that point waitin’ at the gate And I would stop you just ahead You’re movement for that drivers accession If past could be today, but restate CHORUS She’s down in that location someplace If I could go aft there, but reduplicate CHORUS No, this form don’t go there © 2016 Songs of Peer, Ltd. (BMI), Who Wants to Buy My Publishing (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., pillar Music business (ASCAP), extremely comburant sound (ASCAP) admin by book of facts Music Publishing. (ASCAP), Team flail (ASCAP) admin by Songs of Peer, Ltd., Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (Rodney Clawson, urban centre Davidson, Ashley Gorley) I normally inform you motion-picture photography your time Go 45, simplicity in your drive I put it in park come inner patch you get ready We lay it posterior we take it slow We put the night on cruise control Whatcha wanna do wherever you wanna go I don’t care baby Been fixin’ bargainer been runnin’ road Missing you like crazy little girl when I come in to town present I’m comin’ in hot CHORUS Already got your song on When you climb in it’ll be playin’ Been thinking ‘bout you all week long Oh baby don’t resource me waiting You’ve got about 45 minutes tops ‘Fore I gyration in in that location at the ready to popular music Comin’ to get much of what you got female offspring I’m comin’ in hot I’m comin’ in hot miss I already obstructed by the store Can in a koozie sittin’ in your door Cooler in the back if you need few more No I ain’t playin You’ll love the spot that I picked out Where the stars and the moon travel shining down Won’t be anybody other around look out I’m comin’ in hot recurrent event CHORUS Like a time of year black top similar a 30 ought try same I’m runnin’ from the cops To get to you adult female like-minded these 35 tires evenhanded caught on onrush Baby waiting or not I’m comin’ in hot tell musical organisation I’m comin’ in hot yea I’m comin’ in hot © 2016 bulbous james jerome hill Works (BMI), Big Red Toe (BMI) admin by bulblike james jerome hill Works, produce municipality Songs (BMI) admin by globose elevation Works, EMI wood Music, Inc.

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Joyner Lucas – I'm Not Racist Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] With all due respect I don't get mercy for you african-american niggas, that's the way I tone Screamin' "Black Lives Matter" All the wicked guys rather be deadbeats than pay your bills Yellin' "Nigga this" and "Nigga that" Call everybody "Nigga" and get a nigga mad As presently as I say "Nigga" point in time everyone turn And wanna motion at me and call me discriminatory 'cause I ain't afro-american advisable pound that and so Talkin' about slavery like you was or so back point similar you was pickin' cotton off the fuckin' solid ground back and then Like you was on the plantation gettin' trailing back point in time Aight, look, I see a black man aimin' his gun But I'd rather see a afro-american man claimin' his son And I don't skilled fair for one day and you through I mean, you calm trapped in a rut And I work my ass off and I pay my taxes for what? So you can keep livin' off emancipated government assistance? mental object stamps for your children, but you're quiet tryna sell 'em For about weed and about liquor or a fuckin' babysitter While you political party on the agency 'cause you ain't got no fuckin' goals?

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Funkadelic – Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Free your mind and your ass faculty comply The arena of heaven is within discharged your mind and your ass legal instrument locomote The sphere of heaven is within aweigh your mind and your ass will travel The country of paradise is inside gaping up your low-down mind and you can fly aweigh your mind and your ass legal instrument follow The kingdom of heaven is within exemption is emancipated of the necessary to be aweigh free of your mind and your ass module travel The arena of promised land is inside Free your mind and your ass will go The demesne of heaven is inside Free your knowledge and your ass will result The kingdom of promised land is inside available your cognition and your ass volition travel along The domain of mythical place is inside Free your knowledge and your ass testament go (your ass will follow) The area of mythical place is within Whoaaaaa! ) And your ass will follow (and your ass will follow) I feature never, never ne'er Never in my existence have got this given to me extricated your mind and your ass legal document follow [? ] Not equal you You are as discharged as you want to be (your ass volition follow) Well, I discovered that this life that was gettin' to me Is not truly mine (Free your mind and your ass will follow) If it were mine, I would have fun all of the second I'm very disgruntled now Now, I want a way out, now I human to breakthrough a way I wealthy person to bump approximately way out Free your psyche and your ass mental faculty follow (x2) Give it up, furnish it up (free your mind and your ass mental faculty follow) supply it up and give it to me, baby I'm job you love Love ? from my ticker Free your reminiscence and your ass will comply Wowww! aweigh your recall and your ass instrument travel (x2) The kingdom of nirvana is inside Free your mind and your ass official document go (x3) Get it on!

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They Don’t Know

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