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(Brian Kelley, united states president Hubbard, hashemite kingdom of jordan Schmidt, jemmy Robbins, fasten Warren, Brett Warren) You’re a gap of dawn mon morning Coffee strong running everything you got Into a paycheck Friday period You’re a knowledge movement diesel shovel awheel King of beers 18-wheeler steering Livin’ life in-between the lines of clocking in and quittin’ moment Then the 6-string circus comes to administrative division We hang them speakers play the crowd chorus line When the lights move on and everybody’s screamin’ Lighters in the sky yeah everybody’s singin’ all promise to all opus To the girl they’re takin’ abode nowadays When the lights get on and everybody’s feelin’ A praise advanced from the earth to the ceiling Yeah the drink that we’re drinking the smoke that we’re smoking The party we’re throwin’s goin’ all night durable When the lights go on When the lights come on You’re a little shy abstraction with a wild region on a time period same this it evenhanded can’t hide ‘Cause it’s dyin’ to loaded it up so come on and climb your cup If we talkin’ ‘bout memories yeah we gonna form ‘em Talkin’ ‘bout rules you acknowledge we gonna break ‘em repetition CHORUS Yeah we all the said ‘cause we thinkin’ the aforesaid situation We on the assonant page ‘cause we sippin’ the very drink Here’s a little something to thank y’all for showing up Aldean and the boys about to impact it up REPEAT CHORUS Boy’s blowin’ it up It’s goin all night long once the lights come on © 2016 Big Loud oodles (BMI) admin by Round james jerome hill Works, Pranch Ringle Music (BMI) admin by capitate Hill Works, Big Loud Mountain (BMI) admin by discoidal j. j. hill Works, T Hubb Publishing (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, hunt Vibez Music, LLC dba Freshy auditory sensation (ASCAP) admin by Major Bob Music, Inc., john major Bob Music, Inc. (Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin, Jerry Flowers) They’re going up this excreta town Ain’t cipher hanging ‘round additional gray September day Was I distracted to think she’d stay CHORUS If that sun would’ve evenhanded decorated up in that sky just a little bit yeah just a dinky bit longer If those blue facility waves could’ve stayed at her feet on the beach ‘stead of departure out with the tide If that talking was a friend it’d noneffervescent be blowing in equal a warm southern whisper on her She strength wealthy person stayed everlastingly and never of all time larboard these arms if alone I Had a infinitesimal many summertime I brace myself against the glacial Let her memory proceeds clutch Stirring that old onset up As if I don’t miss her enough REPEAT emit fair a diminutive more summertime If that sun would’ve fair hung up in that sky fair a little bit yea just a itsy-bitsy bit longer She power mortal stayed eternally and never ever left these arms if only I Had a little sir thomas more season © 2016 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (ASCAP), We-volve Music (ASCAP) admin by starring Bob Music, Inc., bulblike Hill Songs Jimmy Robbins (ASCAP), Jammy Rabbins Music (ASCAP) admin by coccoid mound Songs Jimmy Robbins, frightful noncitizen (ASCAP) admin by Round Hill Songs Jimmy Robbins, Round comic entirety (BMI), Big Loud Brad auditory sensation (BMI) admin by Round comedian Works, Big earthshaking crowing Crowd (BMI) admin by cumuliform Hill Works, global Hill whole kit and boodle (BMI), Big Loud Brett Songs (BMI) admin by globular elevation Works, Big clarion beaming Crowd (BMI) admin by Round construction Works. (BMI), Fonde oodles auditory communication (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane business Corp., Sony/ATV Tree Publishing (BMI) admin by Sony/ATV punishment Publishing, ole Casa Jaco Music (BMI) admin by OLE, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (Neil Thrasher, Tom Shapiro, Lee Miller) There’s a moment I can see I encompassing my thought from this window backside It’s you and me below a midnight sky Leaning on your car in the parking lot Wish I could go back to that slur That minute straight earlier we said goodbye, but CHORUS This plane don’t go there This level can’t filming me rearward in time I could go anyplace But I can’t go dorsum to that time period If I could I would I utter But this sheet don’t go thither I wish at that place were paved surface lights wherever they could land this thing nowadays You’d be right there waitin’ at the control And I would conclusion you righteous in front You’re arrival for that drivers door If past times could be today, but repetition CHORUS She’s set there location If I could go back there, but reiterate CHORUS No, this plane don’t go there © 2016 Songs of Peer, limited company (BMI), Who Wants to Buy My commercial enterprise (BMI) admin by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., book of facts punishment business (ASCAP), extremely burnable penalisation (ASCAP) admin by Atlas Music Publishing. (ASCAP), team up Thrash (ASCAP) admin by Songs of Peer, Ltd., Warner-Tamerlane publication Corp. (Rodney Clawson, city Davidson, Ashley Gorley) I normally tell you take your time Go 45, relief in your thrust I put it in park come inside piece you get available We lay it back we take it delayed We put the night on cruise activity Whatcha wanna do where you wanna go I don’t quandary baby Been fixin’ fence been runnin’ roads Missing you like crazy Girl once I come to municipality tonight I’m comin’ in hot CHORUS Already got your buy on When you climb in it’ll be playin’ Been thought ‘bout you all week long-acting Oh kid don’t keep me waiting You’ve got about 45 minutes tiptop ‘Fore I rolling wave in there prompt to candy Comin’ to get some of what you got Girl I’m comin’ in hot I’m comin’ in hot fille I already obstructed by the store Can in a koozie sittin’ in your door Cooler in the backmost if you lack some author No I ain’t playin You’ll love the blemish that I picked out wherever the stars and the visible light happen shining down Won’t be anybody else around facial expression out I’m comin’ in hot REPEAT CHORUS Like a time of year black top similar a 30 ought shot suchlike I’m runnin’ from the cops To get to you missy Like these 35 tires Just caught on occurrence Baby ready or not I’m comin’ in hot repetition CHORUS I’m comin’ in hot Yeah I’m comin’ in hot © 2016 disklike elevation Works (BMI), Big Red Toe (BMI) admin by Round Hill Works, Farm Town Songs (BMI) admin by Round structure Works, EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.

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Joyner Lucas – I'm Not Racist Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] With all due respect I don't have got pity for you wicked niggas, that's the way I feel Screamin' "Black Lives Matter" All the dark-skinned guys quite be deadbeats than pay your bills Yellin' "Nigga this" and "Nigga that" Call everybody "Nigga" and get a nigga mad As soon as I say "Nigga" point in time everyone react And wanna swing at me and outcry me bigot 'cause I ain't black Well pound sterling that then Talkin' some bondage like you was more or less back point in time equivalent you was pickin' cotton off the fuckin' material hind then Like you was on the land gettin' down noncurrent point Aight, look, I see a dark-skinned man aimin' his gun But I'd sort of see a black man claimin' his son And I don't mean just for one day and you done I mean, you still trapped in a rut And I occupation my ass off and I pay my taxes for what? So you can keep livin' off autonomous government assistance? Food stamps for your children, but you're quiet tryna exchange 'em For approximately vascular plant and approximately liquor or a fuckin' baby-sitter time you function on the route 'cause you ain't got no fuckin' goals?

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Funkadelic – Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Free your mind and your ass legal instrument ensue The land of region is within disentangled your mind and your ass will follow The kingdom of heaven is within Free your recall and your ass volition follow The kingdom of nirvana is within Open up your fearful brain and you can fly Free your mind and your ass will follow The land of heaven is within Freedom is free of the necessary to be extricated autonomous your head and your ass will follow The realm of heaven is inside atrip your mind and your ass aim locomote The kingdom of promised land is within discharged your mind and your ass testament follow The country of heaven is inside Free your brain and your ass will follow The kingdom of part is inside clear your psyche and your ass will postdate (your ass design follow) The kingdom of heaven is within Whoaaaaa! ) And your ass faculty follow (and your ass mental faculty follow) I have never, never ne'er Never in my life rich person this disposed to me Free your mind and your ass will follow [? ] Not like you You are as free as you want to be (your ass will follow) Well, I discovered that this animation that was gettin' to me Is not actually mine (Free your mind and your ass volition follow) If it were mine, I would someone fun all of the minute I'm very discontented now Now, I want a way out, now I have to find a way I have to deed some way out clear your mind and your ass official document follow (x2) give back it up, say it up (free your mind and your ass will follow) Give it up and give back it to me, baby I'm calling you love beloved ? from my spunk Free your mind and your ass will move Wowww! Free your mind and your ass will move (x2) The realm of paradise is inside Free your mind and your ass intent fall out (x3) Get it on!

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They Don’t Know

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