Woman tortured and executed

Based on a group action by Justice for persia (JFI) on sexual violence in the islamic Republic, the October 2013 account by the UN particular recorder on turbulence against Women, Professor Rashida Manjoo to the UN comprehensive Assembly ended the cycle of silence on one of the most traumatic forms of state-sponsored organism rights abuse aimed at women in internment in Iran, the raping of virgins superior to execution. Tucked in among other forms of unisexual torture propagated by the magnitude and hands of Islamic democracy state of affairs officials against incarcerated Iranians, the rape of virgins acts as a catalyst to draw attention to the use of violence, in specific unisexual violence as a fundamental authorities instrument by the irani organization over the past digit decades. The said submission by JFI was the result of detailed and pioneering look into published in a two-part noise entitled ‘Crime and Impunity’ the initial location of which clearly establishes that raping individual girls, in remission for political activism, antecedent to their execution took place consistently interior Iranian prisons during the 1980s, in particular, the 1988 mass executions when thousands of prisoners were summarily tried, tortured, raped, dead and below-ground in mass graves.

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The torture and execution of Beatrice Lascaris di Tenda - History of Royal Women

Beatrice Lascaris di Tenda was foaled between 13 as the girl of Pietro Balbo II. On 2 September 1403, she married Facino Cane of Montferrat. When he died in 1412, she was left a very rich widow.

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The Wrong Kind of Woman: A Timeline of ISIS Killings Due to Gender Expression

This is a timeline of documented incidences of women killed by directorate for inter-services because of their gender expression, including defying ISIS ascribed roles, behaviors, dress, and otherwise gender attributes. MADRE cannot corroborate the credibility of the executions detailed in this timeline. The incidents are a compilation of executions and killings reported by several case-by-case sources.

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Sexual torture of women political prisoners in the Islamic Republic of Iran | IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS REVIEW

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