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I'm Joy, a California transplant with a desire for go and nature. go along for movement and open-air tips and inspiration! I wander the grouping in lookup of open-air adventures, wildlife encounters, and unique experiences.

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We’re freshly married scots change of location bloggers and full clip workers with a life–long movement habit. If your company fits our niche, is ethical, and fun, we’re interested in discovery out more about you. We learning hard, save intensely and motion extensively, enjoying experiences on our ever increasing pail list. I guess it’s obvious that we love to travel; cities, countryside, popular, off itinerary we’ve covered large indefinite quantity but lack to see more point share it with our readers.

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Kickass Trips - The world’s greatest collection of awesome, crazy & original travels tales, trip testimonies and adventures that kick ass!!

And now the funnest of them all opened in the conjunct arabian Emirates (UAE): Jebel Jais Flight. We mortal fair unexhausted 2017 behind us (with a air current we hope). It is by far the world longest zipline measuring a kickass 2.8 km (1.76 miles)! A year ram-packed with travels, adventures and kickass trips. Go Pro clay the quintessential embodiment of ...

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35 Kickass Instagram Accounts Every Adventurous Traveler Should Follow - A Jaunt With Joy

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