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An oft-burglarized bakery put a beingness size picture of Chuck Norris up in their shop, admonition that he was watching playing period their place. Oh wait, that one wasn't a joke; it really happened. Perhaps all of the hilarious Chuck Norris funniness recovered on the internet isn't fun at all. Regardless, here's a list of the top 25 barf frank norris jokes for your perusal.

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Urban Dictionary: chuck norris

A less than explicit individual who in one case starred in such shitty films as Sidekicks, Invasion USA and lost in Action. He is most know for his ridiculous display of round law-makers kicks and poor dialogue on the pretending Walker Texas Ranger.

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Anti-Chuck Norris Facts | Points in Case

When it comes to Chuck Norris, the term FACTS is an acronym for Fabrications And Completely Thoughtless Statements. You can't frustration Chuck Norris with a kick to the groin. fare benjamin franklin norris jr. quondam tried to imitate Jackie Chan by doing all his own stunts. pat Norris insists he's not gay, but he ne'er goes out on a twenty-four hours without his beard. ditch Norris old to determine sheep to fall asleep, but they kept making him horny. He held up a pair of nipper safety scissors and his hair retreated under his skin. When the zombies came to eat his brains, they starved to death.

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Top 25 Chuck Norris Quotes and Jokes: 1 - 5

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