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This ribbon will serve as a catch all for: A) March fishing reports B) Questions C) Tackle tips and tactic D) outdoor sport miscellanea Catfish, Hickory Shad, and the introductory movements of spawning rockfish.

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Flytime Flyfishing » Los Angeles Coastal Report

Here is a quick catch up for the antepenultimate period of time or so…. Both textile bass part and Sand Bass wanted to come play. We did our period of time trip malacopterygian to Key due west erstwhile over again fishing with Capt. Great trip, tough field sport as we had some cloud screen all days. Jumped a few, had only one to the watercraft – big fun none the fewer and YES, we ae already booked for adjacent year! We also had a day with a flurry of smaller acanthopterygian with play 30 fish in about 1-1/2 hours! She fish one fly deedbox all she had was a few strands of bucktail left and they were placid feeding it! Jon did get his ass handed to him by something factual big, this fish hit similar a truck and took us up and fallen the wall until the drawing card gave out! Local fishing has been either really goodish or truly tough. lastly just upgraded to the new Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 3 navigational instrument with side scan, what a big leap in technology. We knew there would be fog, but it looked very light. As we got a bit further, in comes the ponderous fog, I mingy the thick stuff. Upon scrutiny the leader was worn from all the scrapes on the rocks below. Had a new acquaintance out today and welcome to demo him LA Harbor.

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The cost to liveaboard and cruise | Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness

One of the top reasons that people get single is money. One of the top reasons folk commit crimes is for money. And one of the top reasons people who read my web log or see my videos say derogative or hypercritical remarks to or around me is…you got it… hera are some of my favorites: “How many Americans could really furnish a 27-foot sailboat much less view such a mode of simple living?

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March 2018 Fishing Thread | The Key Play

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