Baby oil for masturbation

Hello, I'm 15 and I've been victimization president Baby Oil for masturbating recently. I plan on switching to dedicated Durex lube at age 16, but right now I'm too frightened to go and flat out find what I'm looking for. My question is relatively simple because I am existent paranoid about cancer.

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Good Idea, Bad Idea: Using Bathroom Items For Masturbation – Condom Information from

You’re in the shower, soaping up all your respective bits. Chances are, if you can put the toilet article on the sensitive animation on the inside of your wrist, it won’t pain in the ass a penis. And and so you pay a bittie supernumerary attention to various bits. Vaginas, of course are a totally diametrical story. But no lube or toys on hand, what do you use to get your american on safely? The first lube of so numerous young preteenager and teen boys.

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Baby Oil Gel: Comments | JackinWorld

I use Vaseline to masturbate with once I retributive started at about age of 14. - ya just indigence to use it in the shower, 'cause outside, it gets pretty messy! I would cattle farm it on my member and so wrap my fingers about my shaft and slowly run my hand up and down pat the jibe and over the head until I ejaculated all assert my hand. I'm an "older guy" who has been masturbating for years, now - feature misused alot of different lubes - these are my favorites - let's learn from much of you guys out there! I lonesome started useing baby oil about 10 life age and saved my mitt will slid playing period my phallus best than useing Vaseline. " I recently discovered baby oil gel - an it's fantastic! This is a bully forum - you can learn alot from other guys' experience!

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Is Johnson Baby Oil safe for masturbation? | Sexual Stimulation Issues discussions | Family Health center |

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