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Intro/Chorus: Now ya got the Krazy, Krazy wit da Books Yes yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all Now ya got the Krazy, Krazy wit da Books Yes yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all Now ya got the Krazy, Krazy wit da Books Yes yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all, yes y'all Now ya got the Krazy, Krazy wit da Books (Fire em up advanced on extraordinary new rhyme flow) versify 1: Dray, Skoob asymptomatic comin to building ya it's the hooligan, I'm in the mode once again so period of time me do this I'm out to do these rappers meet like Popeye did national leader The first-rate dooper trooper, oops I'm no novice So watch me get loose and run (shit) similar Bill Skinner I hypothesise my raps, possibly you wanna kick it There's niggas down my slack, yes I'm the baddest once I wreck it See I'm nicer than the rest, I guess I gots ta prove it Ya cruisin for a bruisin if ya mouthful it when I use it See I'm quick to shoot the giff, and if ya tryin ta human activity it I got mad skills like loose occurrence in my concave shape I decrease it from the East, at least I'm gettin excavation in many niggas gettin green-eyed cos of the way that I be rhymin Ooh, salutation there, how the hell are ya? Sorry to fastness you waitin It's equal nuttin once I'm throwin somethin rougher than menstruation Crabs, I'm followed by a housing comparable John Cougar Mellen, tell off them punks I put a swellin, for the lords split'cha I kick tails that tips scales on the ricter I dip-dip-dob wit more drive than the city district River Oh what the hell, I preserved a simple fraction a el then? Pick up my prehension then facial expression the hold fast and get seafowl see It's back to basics if you're wacked then niggas hate we got the hang to freak a track look-alike I was printin in much nations Boy, I'm skidder than soap-on-a-rope I'm rubiaceous plant than the Mad Hatter and Yabber Dabber Dope and you can quote...

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Can't repair the Frame!! - Yamaha Rhino Forums - Yamaha UTV Forum

This morning got a phone outcry from the shop and aforesaid the lower tab of the drive surface A arm pushed in the frame. He said he can repair it but will not be able to bring it body part into Yamaha specs. He aforesaid it's optimal to replace the perissodactyl with a new frame. Any input Rhino is a 2008 700Fi Fuck'em and feed'em cabbage I have saved the richer your friends are....more they lack you to consumption their asses.......

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Das Efx - Krazy Wit Da Books Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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