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Eliezer Yudkowsky argues that forecasters err in expecting counterfeit intelligence development to look same this: …when in fact it intent belike look equivalent this: That is, we naturally consider there’s a beautiful big highbrowed difference betwixt mice and chimps, and a beautiful big intellectual variation 'tween typical people and Einstein, and implicitly kickshaw these as about equal in degree. But in any aim word we make up one's mind – magnitude of evolutionary learning it took to create the difference, turn of neurons, measurable difference in nous structure, accomplishment on various tasks, etc – the gap between mice and chimps is immense, and the dispute betwixt an middling Joe and Einstein trivial in comparison. So we should be shy of timelines where AI reaches mouse even in 2020, chimp tied in 2030, Joe-level in 2040, and intellect unwavering in 2050.

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Study: Science Can Change the Sexual Orientations of Mice - The Atlantic

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Disney Outraged By Mickey Mouse's 'Gay Romp' |

Disney bosses are fuming after a video of Disney characters simulating sex was circulated on the internet. The two-and-a-half atomlike clip shows pleasure ground staff dressed in costumes of Disney favourites Mickey Mouse, MINNIE MOUSE and GOOFY simulation to human sex in a assortment of unconventional poses. The fastener is believed to have been shot by a wing worker with a concealed television camera at funfair Resort Paris.

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Where The Falling Einstein Meets The Rising Mouse | Slate Star Codex

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