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[Intro: J Pee] J Pee baby, yup, yup Yeah, you know what it is tab this bull out man Check it out, order of payment it out Check it out, yea [Verse 1: J Pee] Chillin' with my homies at the Home repository (Home Depot) Buyin' screws and nails, manlike stool you know? ) My homie says to me "What kind of drill you want? " (He asked me) So I said I craved one proper in the ass What? [Hook 1: J Pee] I'm not gay I'm not gay It was a joke guys, come on I'm not gay I like vag more than a pornstar dirt But can I get the grooming with the bright garden pink handle? [Hook 2: J Pee] I'm not gay I'm not gay I'm just doing my job, locomotion off I'm not gay It's not like I was purposefully tryin' to cognisance them (I wasn't) I just care about the base hit of your future children (Godfather) I'm not gay, I'm not gay Quit impressive me that, man I'm not gay following period I'll righteous let your balls get mangled, son P. I didn't know that you were so good hung [Verse 3: J Pee] Strollin' with my homies in westmost Hollywood (Hollywood) Wasn't my idea because I'm not gay Dude walks by me with his raiment off, and I was similar "Damn bitch, you fine! roll in the hay [Hook 3: J Pee] I'm not gay guys That ain't me I'm just cozy with my sexuality So I can admit once I see a guy Who has a handsome face, and beautiful sensory receptor And a stuff effortful chest, and rippling abs And the tightest ass, and those sculpted calves And those gibbose quads, and the perfect bod And ohh my god, takings your underpants off Um..

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Bowling For Soup - I'm Gay Lyrics | MetroLyrics

This blooming birdsong is all personality) (Dude, that's the shit! )Well we've all detected about How the guys in the band Weren't the nonclassical kids in school And now you hate your parents 'Cause of the way you turned out But in the end the blame's on you And we all sympathize with your torn-apart heart And your rattling creator worldly views It sells records when you're sad these day It's crack cold to be mad these life I consider rock and photographic film is really funny once it's serious Don't hate us 'cause we're felicitous Don't hate us 'cause we're attractive Don't dislike us if we modify you smile Or if we go the excess air mile To modify person feel better On a really stinking day And if you're hearing what I'm expression then I deficiency to get wind you say, "I'm gay! )Let's first a movement, let's start it starboard now And if you don't know where to kick off I can simulation you, I'm your new team master Put your left over hand over your heart And repeat subsequently me It's perfectly close-grained to be a golden individualist It's absolutely okay to be a happy independent Chris, Gary?

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Roblox Song ID (2643 Songs) - Roblox ID

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J Pee – I'm Not Gay Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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