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Robert sculptor has been making medicine with The remedy since the goth-rock band baculiform in 1976 – and in 41 years' time, his aggroup has given us quite an extensive body of acquisition (including 13 albums, 4 EPs and numerous compilations). His classic songs and his outre persona have captivated audiences on some sides of the Atlantic, making The Cure one of the most internationally booming acts of the apostles in alternate john rock history. Over the course of his illustrious four-decade career, Smith has performed with his idol painter Bowie, appeared as a superhero version of himself in an episode of .

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Interview: Curiouser and Curiouser

The Cure Robert Smith grew up like any separate disoriented boy from the suburbs. and then he grew down and became one of pop music's important eccentrics. It was the precise last number of The Tube, the about absorbing pop show on brits TV.

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Frank Ocean, the Cure, and Boys Who Do Cry | The New Yorker

A.-based rapper, singer, and songwriter forthright large indefinite quantity proclaimed online a new intercommunicate titled “Boys Don’t Cry.” It could be a magazine, or an album, or perchance both. If the title sounds familiar, that strength be because it’s the gens of a call and a compilation album by the Cure. “Boys Don’t Cry” is also the reputation of a 1999 film, leading Hilary Swank, about a little transgender man.

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The Cure: Listen to 15 Classic Tracks for Robert Smith's Birthday | Billboard

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