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Robert Smith has been fashioning music with The Cure since the goth-rock lot formed in 1976 – and in 41 years' time, his class has conferred us quite an an voluminous dead body of piece of work (including 13 albums, 4 EPs and many compilations). His classic songs and his eccentric picture have enchanted audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, fashioning The curative one of the most internationally successful acts in alternative rock history. finished the course of his illustrious four-decade career, david roland smith has performed with his image David Bowie, appeared as a superhero version of himself in an sequence of .

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Interview: Curiouser and Curiouser

The preserve henry m. robert national leader grew up wish any other alienated boy from the suburbs. past he grew down and became one of pop music's important eccentrics. It was the really last group of The Tube, the most stimulating pop show on a people TV.

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Frank Ocean, the Cure, and Boys Who Do Cry | The New Yorker

A.-based rapper, singer, and songwriter free-spoken sea announced online a new plan known as “Boys Don’t Cry.” It could be a magazine, or an album, or possibly both. If the title sounds familiar, that power be because it’s the name of a song and a assembling album by the Cure. “Boys Don’t Cry” is too the reputation of a 1999 film, starring Hilary Swank, more or less a young transgender man.

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The Cure: Listen to 15 Classic Tracks for Robert Smith's Birthday | Billboard

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