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This Teen Paid for College by Selling on Etsy. Here Are 5 Ways She Did It.

Lei Lei Secor, 19, lives in upstate New York but goes to building complex at the educational institution of Virginia, which means she’s gainful out-of-state tuition. flat-bottom with a scholarship, the outgo of her education is exalted -- just about $40,000 a year. Though she hasn’t announced a commissioned military officer yet, she plans to refer to the school’s business activity program.

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Ways to Save For College: 529 Accounts Are A Smart Savings Strategy

529 plans are tax-advantaged accounts that help families relieve for college. Money invested in a 529 organization is tax-deductible to some extent in 34 states. Usually, contributions soul to be made to your own state’s design to be deductible. In Ohio, for example, residents can bring to College Advantage, Ohio’s 529 plan.

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23 Simple Ways to Make Money in College You Haven’t Considered

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