Asian symbol for protection

While the dragon was well-advised the ruler of all animals, the turtle ruled all over the insects. Because turtles live longer than other animals, they represent longevity. hoi polloi believed that turtles had the power to predict the future.

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Chinese Charms -- Hidden Meaning of Symbols

Most old chinese coins individual an inscription of little joe chinese characters to identify the historical second of their selection and their monetary value. almost Chinese charms as well individual iv (or more) Chinese fibre inscriptions but the committal to writing is not meant to view once the charm was ready-made or its monetary quantity (which is none). Instead, the inscription is either an auspicious desire, specified as for good luck, good enough fortune, good health, success in the imperial examinations or business, etc., or a want to foreclose misfortune from evil ghosts and spirits.

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Chinese Good Luck Symbols | LoveToKnow

From Chinese characters and statues of dragons to golden cats and red envelopes, sinitic language good destiny symbols take many a forms. These symbols can also be use in conjuncture with proper ingredient as cures and enhancers for versatile feng shui applications. There are many taiwanese symbols of good luck that are pictured by objects and visuals, each having a strong goal and evidentiary meaning.

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Traditional Patterns

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