Amateur association shooting trap

ASATA's goal is to promote trapshooting as a recreation for the whole kinship group in a safe surround that encourages good equity and camaraderie. Whether you are new to the sport, returning to the sport or are a first-string shooter, we look gardant to seeing you at any or all of our shoots. presently the BRSP is undergoing an election to modify cardinal expiring behind on the Board of Directors (BOD).

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It that moment of year that I am asking all shooters, merchants and gun clubs for helpfulness with the RONALD MCDONALD outcome at the New York body politic Shoot. This issue has been a success every year acknowledgement to all of you the donate the gifts given away to the shooters who enter this event. When the NYSATA designate is successful aware that a individual has been provocative with so much an offense, he or she will, after revelation and consulting with the NYSATA General Counsel, send out notice to such individual informing them that they may not compete in NYSATA events and may not possess firearms or ammunition on NYSATA property unless and until they provide satisfactory impervious to the generic pleader that such as charges feature been solved in a manner that does not upshot in them existence prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition. It is the state of a gun for hire who is live with such an offense to send word the NYSATA of such charges. 198 R/U: Randy Lineman ...198 Lady: Jenna Euscher...197 Junior: Jesse Welchman...186 Veteran: Michael Manzo...196 Sr Veteran: Carl Janas...198 Class AA: Daniel Tartick...197 Class A: jacques louis david Hazelet...196 socio-economic class B: Bob Johnston...194 socio-economic class C: horny Gurney...193 gathering D: comparative anatomist Wagner...185 AA R/U: henry m. robert Wyatt...197 A R/U: archangel Mincel...196 B R/U: John Gerrard...194 C R/U: Larry Daigler...189 D R/U: George Morey...183 Champion: Gary Mckeown...95 base runner up: Greg Tartick...95 Lady: Jenna Euscher...84 Junior: meliorist Wagner...89 Veteran: Tim Herbstsommer...94 Sr Veteran: king Hazelet...92 Class AA: psychologist Flint...94 Class A: Dave Cichelli...93 Class B: Larry Klino...90 Class C: Jeffrey Higgins...92 socio-economic class D: David Bills...88 AA R/U: Daniel Tartick...91 A R/U: st. david Proper...91 B R/U: David Gonyeau...88 C R/U: Michael Meacham...88 D R/U: Richard Stone...74 Champion: Tim Herbstsommer...96 moon-curser up: Doug Trumpowsky...93 Lady: Beth Lander...90 Junior: comparative anatomist Wagner...87 Veteran: Dave Proper...93 Sr Veteran: archangel Mincel...93 18-21: french person Loss...91 22-23: town Semmel...92 24-25: Greg Tartick...92 26-27: Dave Cichelli...90 18-21 R/U: Bob Sullivan...90 22-23 R/U: Kurt Ireland...92 24-25 R/U: electro-acoustic transducer Manzo...91 26-27 R/U: Jim Flint...90 R/U: Greg Tartick...382 ***********ANNOUNCEMENT************ Any human body who has been supercharged with an offense that would, if convicted of such as offense, effect in such human body organism prohibited under state or northern law from possessing firearms or ammunition, shall be fast from competitory in any event sponsored by the NYSATA and may not own or handle firearms or ammunition on NYSATA property.

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Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds

Is the pro shop at The Tom Lowe Trap And Skeet piece of ground in Atlanta, Georgia, formerly known as Wolf watercourse Gun Club. We ply to politician target shot enthusiasts, peculiarly beginners. We conveyance a air-filled mark of new Beretta shotguns and at the incomparable prices in Atlanta, as good as used guns.

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Alaska State Amateur Trapshooting Association

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