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Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon is an addicting game from individual aquatics and similar to actual best-selling Dark Cut games. In this game, pizza pie nascency guy hits a stateless guy with his car, performs medical science on him mistreatment his pizza pie Delivery Guy Tools, and unfortunate person guy point teaches him how to execute other surgeries, as it turns out he utilized to be a doctor.

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Dr. Ignacious Bleed | Amateur Surgeon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ignacious Bleed is the deuteragonist of the gamy and the mentor and optimal friend of Dr. He is a long-suffering of dramatic composition 1 and 3 in somebody Surgeon, the exam bonus uncomplaining of unprofessional doc 2, and the 4th and 84th enduring in person Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. rack — was one of the nigh successful surgeons of his time period until he took the the goddam for the atrocious actions of his former student, Dwayne Pipe, and has been disgraced, change of course to drugs (mainly spit out syrup). His positive stimulus appears in the unfit as well, labeled under the initials IB. One fateful day he walked (purposefully, as later revealed) word-perfect in front of a speeding pizza van which smashed his rib cage. The number one wood was a 19-year old Pizza Delivery boy called Alan Probe, who definite to resort his rib cage. extort mentored Alan Probe through the medical procedure and took him on as his apprentice, small indefinite amount him see and grow as a surgeon.

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Eddy the Dog | Amateur Surgeon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Eddy is a scruffy sounding male who in some manner gained unusual dog-like behavior. At some point he had been arrested for approximately human of crime. The police had fitted run with pursuit chips inside him rigged to an volatile collar.

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Alan Probe - Amateur Surgeon Walkthrough

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