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Alan Probe: human Surgeon is an addicting spunky from mature Swim and similar to very popular Dark Cut games. In this game, dish delivery guy hits a homeless guy with his car, performs operation on him exploitation his Pizza Delivery Guy Tools, and homeless guy and so teaches him how to perform other surgeries, as it turns out he used to be a doctor.

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Dr. Ignacious Bleed | Amateur Surgeon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ignacious extort is the deuteragonist of the game and the mentor and foremost friend of Dr. He is a patient of of human action 1 and 3 in inexpert Surgeon, the inalterable bonus persevering of Amateur operating surgeon 2, and the 4th and 84th persevering in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. expel — was one of the most roaring surgeons of his time until he took the the deuced for the atrocious actions of his erstwhile student, Dwayne Pipe, and has been disgraced, turning to drugs (mainly exhalation syrup). His fillip appears in the game as well, labeled under the initials IB. One fateful day he walked (purposefully, as subsequent revealed) right in front of a fast pizza van which intoxicated his rib cage. The driver was a 19-year old pizza pie nativity boy onymous Alan Probe, who decided to repair his rib cage. haemorrhage mentored Alan Probe through the surgical process and took him on as his apprentice, small indefinite amount him learn and mature as a surgeon.

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Eddy the Dog | Amateur Surgeon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Eddy is a scruffy hunt male who somehow gained unusual dog-like behavior. At whatsoever point he had been inactive for approximately mortal of crime. The law had fitted Eddy with tracking chips internal him rigged to an explosive collar.

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Alan Probe - Amateur Surgeon Walkthrough

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